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About Us

Our Builders


Oak Emporium is the best choice for Amish furniture. Locally owned and operated by the Bill Vogel of Tampa, FL, Oak Emporium offers a wide selection of beautiful handmade Amish furniture at competitive prices.

Each piece is custom-made by highly skilled Amish crafters who use quality solid oak and materials along with proven construction techniques passed down through the generations. The result is a durable piece of furniture that combines functionality, practicality, and unmatched beauty. Our furniture is made for life. 

We Customize to Your Specifications


Oak Emporium gives you the opportunity to participate in the Amish furniture design process, resulting in a customized piece that is a perfect fit for your home décor.

Take some time to go through our website to view the variety of wood and stain options and to select the ones you prefer. Please do not hesitate to We contact us if you desire additional customization of furniture components.