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Amish Kids’ Furniture & Toys



In the Amish country Family is the top priority. That priority shows through our furniture as well. Our children and families are the most important thing to us so why would we not take great care in producing the highest quality of furniture to keep our “little ones safe”. You want furniture that is going to be comfortable and that they can have fun in their nursery, playroom, bedroom or study area. 

Just like our other furniture our craftsman designs our children’s furniture with a focus on creating baby and kids’ furniture that’s strong, multi-functional and will last long enough for them to pass it on to their own children. 



Think back to a time that you had that one sold wood toy that brought you so much job and withstood the test of time-we bring those toys to your children. Along with making furniture, we have our collection of wooden toys that will take you and your family back to a simpler time. 

Take a moment and look around our store. Whether you are shopping for your children or grandchildren, take in the beauty, function and unique qualities of Amish made kids’ furniture. Let us take you back to that time.