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Amish Outdoor Furniture

Levis Poly Lumber

What is Poly Lumber? Think about those milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles that you end up throwing into the recycle bins-to you they are trash or recyclables to us they are FURNITURE! Those are what poly lumber furniture is made with. The finished product resembles traditional lumber from trees but it is actually 

Adirondack Furniture


Our outdoor furniture is just like all of our other pieces-you can customize it by the type you want (i.e. glider, rocker or swings), as well as the color. We have over 15 colors to choose from. 


Our poly lumber furniture doesn't split, rot or peel. You don't need to worry about painting it or putting a seal on it. They last a long time. 


The poly lumber furniture is easy to care for. If you spill something or need to get out a stain just take a brush with warm soapy water to get out anything on the furniture. If the furniture requires a deeper clean feel free to use a pressure washer.